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The Relationship Institute - Publications

The Relationship Institute offers the following manuals to help all those interested in building a loving and supportive relationship.

We have provided an excerpt from each manual. If you would like to view it along with the table of contents, you may do so by clicking the manual image at the right of each manual outline.

The Relationship Manual For Couples
How to Diagnose, Build, or Enrich a Relationship

THE RELATIONSHIP MANUAL provides 27 workshop-type chapters for individuals or couples to work through to learn skills to:
1. Build compatibility out of differences
2. Build cooperation out of conflict
3. Build personal and emotional support
4. Build a satisfying level of conversational, emotional, physical and sexual intimacy.
By David L. Luecke - 118 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 Paper
ISBN: 0966543106

Prescription For Marriage

PRESCRIPTION FOR MARRIAGE describes twenty-five frequently occurring marital issues. Each issue is described in terms of "symptoms," "diagnosis" and "prescriptions."

Couples are often defensive and embarrassed about their marital problems. They assume that their issues are unique and that other couples have ideal marriages. In fact, couples experience many of the same difficulties, problems and issues.

By David L. Luecke - 5 1/2 /x 8 1/8 - 127 pages paper
ISBN: 0966543114

Marriage Types

MARRIAGE TYPES applies Jungian personality type theory, similar to the Myers Briggs type indicator, to the interaction of couples.

Building compatibility out of differences is a challenge for every marriage. Partners come from different family backgrounds and past experiences resulting in different values and life-style preferences.

Four "marriage types" are described.
- Sensing and Thinking
- Sensing and Feeling
- Intuiting and Thinking
- Intuiting and Feeling

Discover your "marriage type" and learn to appreciate and benefit from personality differences in your relationship.

By David L. Luecke - 5 1/2 X 8 1/5 - 121 pages
ISBN 0966543122
$8.95 US

We will be adding an online feature for those interested in purchasing our manuals. If you would like to know more about these manuals contact Fred or Kathy Jakolat.

David L Luecke
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