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Four Quadrant Parenting

The principles and practices of Four Quadrant Parenting are founded on centuries of accumulated evidence from history, philosophy, religion, science, ethics and other sources of knowledge and wisdom. The members of the Institute will strive to demonstrate consistent loyalty to these ideals.

The principal modules of this program are:

  1. Personal Mastery:

    Personal mastery is the first challenge on our parenting journey. This module provides a valuable set of tools for taking control of our values, emotions and motivations in allocating energies that help or hurt our children and ourselves. Parents will learn the power of shared and tested perceptions, utilize assessment tools, and develop improvement strategies. Learning will be reinforced by exercises and class discussions.

  2. Winning Hearts and Minds:

    Winning children's hearts and minds is an essential skill that effective parents practice. It requires much more than carrots and sticks or any other clever manipulations. This module will examine alternative relationship strategies and their pros and cons. Parents will develop the power of true empathy in interpersonal relationships while avoiding the pitfalls of hostility, neutrality and identification. Extensive use of models, assessment tools and exercises will equip parents with the skills of winning hearts and minds.

  3. Guiding Children:

    Exceptional parents with high self mastery and true empathy also employ appropriate decision making strategies. A parent must have an accurate understanding of a child's energies and skills in order to provide the optimal level of delegation. This module will teach the application of Four Quadrant Parenting (4QP) techniques. Parents will engage in group discussions, practice decision-making strategies using leadership scenarios, and will assess their own decision making skills and versatility.

  4. Parenting in Practice:

    Good parents are not born, but develop day by day and moment by moment while successfully integrating the lessons of Personal Mastery, Winning Hearts and Minds, and Guiding Children . This module will provide parents with methods and tools to reinforce 4QP practices, to move beyond knowing to doing and continuously learning.


For additional information on the Four Quadrant Leadership program visit The Wilfred Jarvis Institute Internet site by clicking here or by contacting Fred Jakolat.