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The Relationship Institute

The Relationship Institute provides materials and workshops designed to help you understand what is needed for a healthy, satisfying relationship and to develop the relational skills to achieve it.

A healthy relationship is essential to healthy living. Life goes well when relationships go well. Life goes sour when relationships go sour.

Building a healthy and successful relationship is not easy. In fact, building a healthy satisfying and lasting relationship is arguably the most difficult task of adult life.

Every successful relationship needs these four skills:

  • Turn personality, gender and life-style differences from problems to assets.
  • Turn conflict into collaboration.
  • Build satisfying level of personal and emotional support.
  • Build satisfying level of physical, conversational, emotional and sexual intimacy.

Although relationship difficulties are often hidden from others and even from oneself, every couple has problems. Every couple experiences personality differences, conflict, and disappointing levels of intimacy or emotional support. Couples who have a good relationship are not free of problems but are able to solve them creatively.

That is why every couple needs to build skills to maintain their relationship. Sadly, many couples take better care of their lawn or household furnishing than their relationship. You can't get a driver's license without knowing how to drive but you can get a marriage license without relationship skills. People get hurt by bad drivers. People, especially children, get hurt by bad adult relationships.