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Couple Communication

Communication Impacts Every Area of Your Relationship
How you communicate in your intimate relationship either strengthens or harms your family's long-term stability and vitality

COUPLE COMMUNICATION I teaches a practical set of talking and listening skills:

Session I - Choosing Communication Styles™ expands your awareness and choices for communicating effectively in a variety of situations.

Session II - Identifying Issues & using the Awareness Wheel™ to help you better understand yourself and talk about issues efficiently.

Session III - Using Listening skills Cycle™ to assist you in connecting with and understanding your partner better.

Session IV - Using Resolving Conflicts: Mapping Issues guides you in resolving important and complicated issues collaboratively.

To find out more about this award winning educational program visit the Couple Communication Internet site by clicking here or contact Fred & Kathy Jakolat.

Information on workshops and class schedules can be found on our Workshop page by clicking here.